September 27, 2020
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To make the most of the tools and platforms your business uses, you may need to change your thinking. You can look at things in new ways or find new uses for tools you already use. Here are tips from the online small business community to help you get more value out of everything.

Drive Local Foot Traffic With Twitter Ads

Twitter isn’t just for promoting online offerings. Local businesses can use the tool to drive foot traffic. Small Business Trends is pleased to share this Social Media Examiner post by our Executive Editor Shawn Hessinger. Check it out for tips on using Twitter to drive local foot traffic.

Learn How the Twitter Algorithm Changes

Twitter and other social sites are constantly updating their algorithms. And this can change the way you use those platforms. In this Inspire to Thrive post, Lisa Sicard goes over changes to the Algorithm. And BizSugar members offered thoughts on the post here.

Create Content Marketing Beyond White Papers

White papers are a common form of long form content. They can be effective for businesses that want to show off industry expertise. However, they’re not the only option. In this UpCity post, Dayna Boyer details some other options.

Generate Leads Using Video

Lots of businesses use video to promote products or create useful content. But it can also be used as a lead generation strategy. Amir Shahzeidi offers tips for video sales funnels in this GetResponse post.

Find Super Focused Long Tail Keywords

Keywords aren’t just basic terms that describe your products or industry. Long tail keywords give you a way to get even more specific about your search terms. In this Bright Local post, Emil Kristensen goes over tips for finding super relevant long tail keywords.

Highlight Health and Safety Measures with Google My Business

Google My Business isn’t just for sharing your products, hours, and location. As more local shops and restaurants reopen, it’s important to highlight health and safety measures. Greg Sterling goes over how to do this in this Search Engine Land post.

Learn from Experienced Bloggers

You don’t need a ton of experience to blog successfully. However, you can learn some valuable lessons from those who have blogged for years. In this Mixergy interview, Small Business Trends’ publisher Anita Campbell shares insights from her 17 years of blogging.

Adjust Your Facebook Strategy Based on Current Trends and Statistics

As social platforms change, it’s important to always keep up with trends and adjust your strategy accordingly. This Startup Bonsai post by Lindsay Liedke includes statistics and facts to help businesses learn more about Facebook. You can also see reaction to the post over on BizSugar.

Force a Midlife Crisis on Your Brand

Most people think of midlife crises as something that individuals go through. But brands can experience similar transitions. And it may even be beneficial to put your company through one. Daniel Burstein elaborates in this Target Marketing post.

Benefit from E-Learning

E-learning is especially common for kids in school right now. But small businesses can also take advantage of this concept. In this post on the Small Biz Daily blog, Nikola Djordjevic discusses how businesses can utilize e-learning.

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