October 19, 2020
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A Customer's Shipping Experience

A new report from ShipStation reveals a 33% jump over the past year in online shopping. And almost two-thirds say most of their shopping is now online because of the pandemic. As more consumers shop online, their shipping experience is becoming more important than ever.

The report, titled, “Last Touch, Lasting Impact: The 2020-2021 Edition,” outlines the shopping habits of consumers and the impact of brand perception when it comes to shipping. And in 2020, the delivery experience is more influential for consumers. So much so, 84% of the respondents say it stands out most in the e-commerce customer experience.

In the release for the report, Cindy Schulz, General Manager at ShipStation, highlighted yet another telling data point about shipping. Schulz goes on to say, “… 92 percent agree that knowing their order will arrive when expected is a key factor in their online purchase decisions.” This is more than nine in 10 customers.

ShipStation Survey on Customer Shipping Expectations

Consumers are more understanding because of the pandemic (79%) when it comes to shipping, however, six in 10 say this is just for the short term. And to compensate for the slow shipping, consumers say they want free shipping.

Shipping speed and cost are still important because 37% say speed influences their purchasing decision while 39% say it is cost. And surprisingly consumers are willing to wait up to eight days to get their package with 79% adding they expect delays because of COVID-19.

Additional findings:

  • 87% say the shipping and delivery experience directly impacts their decision to shop with the merchant again
  • 83% are less likely to re-purchase from a retailer after a negative delivery or shipping experience
  • 54% say overall return policy is a major consideration when purchasing online
  • 70% say a negative delivery or shipping experience negatively impacts their impression of the brand and not the carrier
  • 1 in 3 consumers leave bad reviews or post on social media about a poor delivery experience

Making Up for Any Inconvenience

On the other hand, consumers are willing to give retailers another chance if they try to make up for any delivery inconvenience.

Over nine in 10 or 93% are more likely to shop with a brand again if the retailer acknowledges or rectifies a poor delivery experience. Even more consumers, 96%, say fast and honest updates about a shipping issue makes them less likely to be upset. Adding they are also less likely to have a negative perception of the brand.

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