January 25, 2021
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Countertop displays organize a collection of items for your customers to browse and make selections. Be they brochures magazines, jewelry, or any item of interest they help boost visibility and sales.

By placing them near checkout counters, they increase the chances of customers making additional purchases. They entice customers to make those last-minute purchases thus improving your bottom line. Countertop displays can also help increase brand awareness by highlighting the main features of the products that are being displayed. This can help reinforce your brand online and offline.

Countertop displays come in a wide range of form factors and materials, and only you can decide which one will best suit your business. If you are you searching for countertop displays here are a small number of styles and materials to give you an idea of what is available.

Best Countertop Displays


MOOCA Showcase Rotating Acrylic Display

MOOCA Lockable Showcase Rotating Acrylic Display Stand with 4 Removable Shelves

Top Pick: A key feature in a good countertop display is simplicity. The MOOCA rotating acrylic display is easy to use and it clearly shows your product. The display has four levels with removable shelves so you can place small and large items in it.

You can store and display jewelry, watches, glasses, collectibles and more. Overall, the unit is 13 1/2″W x 7 3/8″D x 17 3/8″H and it has key lock.

MOOCA Lockable Showcase Rotating Acrylic Display Stand with 4 Removable Shelves

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MyGift 4-Tier Industrial Designed Display

MyGift 4-Tier Industrial Designed Weathered Gray Wood and Metal Pedestal Jewelry Organizer Display Riser Stand

Runner Up: This 4-tier display takes a different approach to showcasing products. The weathered gray wood on a black metal base provides a great spot for jewelry, glasses, electronics, curios, collectibles, and other items. Each riser is at a different height to provide a different angle for each product.

Overall, it is 5.8 H × 8.7 W × 8.7 L inches and each platform is 2.36 H to 5.8 H × 4.3 W × 4.3 L inches weighing in at two pounds.

MyGift 4-Tier Industrial Designed Weathered Gray Wood and Metal Pedestal Jewelry Organizer Display Riser Stand

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Mind Reader SNACKCAR

Mind Reader SNACKCAR Supreme Snack organizer

Best Value: Mind Reader SNACKCAR is a two-tiered, 3600carousel snack display that allows users to browse through an assortment of snacks and then pick their favorite. Made with plastic this unit comes in at 14 x 14. 5 inches and offers 12 slots on top and large open bottom for convenience.

Weighing just three pounds this is a perfect countertop for small spaces and can allow users to stack almost anything. This includes disposable coffee and teacups, lids, utensils, chips, protein bars, single-serve coffee pods, and much more.

Mind Reader SNACKCAR Supreme Snack organizer, 14 x 14.5 Round, Black

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MyGift Decorative Clear Glass & Brass Countertop Display

MyGift Decorative Clear Glass & Brass Metal Frame 6 Compartment Jewelry Shadow Box/Counter Top Display Case

This countertop display box provides a different approach to showcasing your products. The brass and glass construction has 6 separate cubes in which you can put your items. And the hinged top lid comes with a latch and a metal chain to keep the lid from swinging back too far.

The clear glass and brass metal design can complement a wide range of decors to showcase jewelry, antiques, collectibles and more. The approximate dimensions are 2.25 H x 9.0 W x 6.25 D inches and weighs 2.29 pounds.

MyGift Decorative Clear Glass & Brass Metal Frame 6 Compartment Jewelry Shadow Box/Countertop Display Case

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Masqudo Acrylic Display Stands

Masqudo Acrylic Display Stands 2 in 1 Usage Acrylic Riser Display Shelf for Amiibo Funko POP Figures Cupcakes Stand for Cabinet Countertops Table

The Masqudo acrylic display stand is a simple yet effective riser countertop display shelf. You can use the 2 in 1 stand as a three or four-tier display to maximize your countertop space. This design allows you to place almost any small item you want your customers to quickly see and purchase in your store.

The display comes in at 12×9 inches and weighs at 3.9 pounds. And you don’t need any tools to put it together. Best of all, the company provides a zero-risk, 90 days, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Masqudo Acrylic Display Stands 2 in 1 Usage Acrylic Riser Display Shelf for Amiibo Funko POP Figures Cupcakes Stand for Cabinet Countertops Table

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Countertop Spinner Rack Display Stand

Display Stand 2 Tier, 3 Tier Counter Top Spinner Rack

This is a classic countertop spinner rack display with three tiers. This is yet another simple design that can hold a range of items. From jewelry to chips, masks, memory cards and so much more. It is easy to assemble, adjust the height, and doesn’t take too much space on your countertop.

It comes in at 2.5 pounds and you can adjust the height up to 20.8 inches. And the silver mirror finish allows it to fit almost any store decor.

Display Stand 2 Tier/3 Tier Countertop Spinner Rack Silver Metal for Malls, Showroom, Retail Store

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FixtureDisplays Wire Rack for Countertop

FixtureDisplays 23.0-Inch x 23.0-Inch x 13.3-Inch Wire Rack for Countertop Use with 3 Open Shelves

This is another no-nonsense wire rack countertop display that serves multiple uses. Whether you run a convenience store, restaurant, auto parts, or computer store, this display stand can accommodate virtually every industry to showcase products. You can use it to display everything from books to magazines, and newspapers to candy, chips, other snacks, and many other items your store sales.

At eight pounds and 23 x 23 x 13.3 inches, this metal stand is sturdy and you can remove the shelves to create more space for larger items.

FixtureDisplays Wire Rack for Countertop Use with 3 Open Shelves

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What to Look for in Countertop Displays

The purpose of countertop displays is to help capture the attention of customers and prospects. They are ideal for those grab-n-go Point of Purchase (POP) displays that sit on counters in check-out areas. And this will help you to tap into impulse shoppers or those consumers who can’t resist grabbing items while in line.

They are also equally important for customer service counters. With these displays, you can put up your brochures and marketing collateral for prospects to get more literature and information about your products and services. While shopping for displays look for the following:

  • Easy to assemble and use: Your displays should not require complicated instructions. They should not give you headaches in terms of deciding on the right screwdrivers, hammers, drill bits, and so on. If you plan on using your displays in multiple locations, complicated assemblies can be difficult. They should also be easily cleaned and managed.
  • Size: When you purchase your displays, you need to make sure you actually have sufficient space for them in your store or office.
  • Should stand out: The purpose of countertops is to make sure that what you are showcasing capture the attention of prospects and customers. The color and design of your displays should be in keeping with your desired image while also standing out from competing products.
  • Sturdy: It is important that your displays can hold your products without falling apart. This is because customers will be handling it a lot. They should be designed with that in mind.
  • Return policy: Make sure to check that the supplier has a no-hassle return policy. If the display does not meet your needs ask whether they come with a return policy.

Benefits of Countertop Displays

  • Boosts Brand: Custom display stands can help boost your brand in many ways. Countertop displays strategically placed in front of the customer or visitor help the brand stay on the minds of the customer. Because these displays are so versatile, you can easily reconfigure your graphics and marketing message, creating a specific display for each audience you are trying to reach. They are more visible and are an ideal marketing tool that work 24/7.
  • Convenience: Your sales tactic should be grounded on providing convenience for your customers. You do not need to place additional obstacles for your customers to find your product. The reasoning is simple, if customers can get your product with relative ease, they buy.
  • Customization: When you use different materials for your display stands, they stand out. By using the right color, design, and signage, it will help your placements rise above the competition. This allows you to align your displays with the particular needs of your image and the stores and outlets will be happy to use your display as a showcase.
  • Increase Revenue: Business is all about increasing revenues, and display stands for retail can play a role in how people buy. They help to boost in-store purchases thus putting you in a better position to capitalize on additional sales.
  • Low investment: Displays come with a relatively low price tag and can potentially bring more revenue. Compared to advertisements and sales associates that have to stand around all day and offer literature and insights into your product, the cost of retail displays is a real bargain.


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