December 14, 2020
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2020 December 11 Influitive Chart

2020 December 11 Influitive Chart

One-Third of B2B Tech Marketers Say They’ll Meet Their Original KPIs This Year
42 percent of B2B technology executives say they’ll meet their revised 2020 key performance indicators, while 16 just say they won’t meet KPIs — two of several items of interest to digital marketers in recently-released survey data. MarketingCharts

Year-End Global/U.S. Ad Forecasts Improve Markedly
Three recently-released global advertising spending forecasts predict a much stronger outlook for 2021 than in 2020, with improvements in the global market especially better — up an average of 7.8 percent in the studies compared to 4.5 percent for the U.S. MediaPost

Guiding the new B2B buyer from attraction to advocacy
It takes an average of 6.2 touch-points to go from a sales qualified lead to a closed sale, while 76 percent of B2B practitioners say customer expectations for digital experiences that are more personalized will reach all-time highs, according to newly-released Adobe and Forrester survey data. Adobe (client)

Virtual Events Are A Part of “Core Strategy” For 1 in 3 Marketers Now
Marketing professionals have increasingly made virtual events a vital part of their strategy, with marketers measuring webinar success primarily by lead quality, pipeline conversion, registrations, and audience interactions, according to recently-released survey data. MarketingCharts

Majority of marketers want to continue WFH after pandemic, but concerns linger
Most marketers have expressed the desire to keep working from home even after the global health crisis subsides, according to newly-released survey data of 28,000 Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) members. The Drum

Google Discovery ads can now use your 4:5 social image assets
The latest update from Google Ads now allows the 4:5 image aspect ratio format within Discovery ad campaigns, along with an array of new audience selection workflow features, the search giant recently announced. Search Engine Land

2020 December 11 Statistics Image

YouTube upgrades Premieres with trailers, themes and a live pre-show option
Google-owned YouTube has augmented its video Premieres function with several new features including live-chat sidebar communication, video trailer previews, and a Live Redirect live pre-show streaming option, YouTube recently announced. TechCrunch

Twitter’s Testing a New Option Which Would Limit Tweet Replies to Followers Only
Twitter has begun testing an option that would allow users of the social media platform to designate tweets which could only be replied to by followers, a change that would add an additional layer to brand-audience engagement options. Social Media Today

Consumers Are Obsessed With Feel-Good Short-Form Content Right Now
Brands that offer short-form content, especially when it consists of feel-good or otherwise positive content, are expected to see greater success in 2021, according to recently-released study data of interest to digital marketers. Adweek

Brands Change Tactics, Increase Focus On Customer Marketing, Advocacy, Study Finds
83 percent of marketers see successful customer marketing utilizing success stories, 79 percent testimonials, and 72 percent use advocate marketing, while the top metric for measuring customer marketing effectiveness is customer engagement — several of many findings of interest to digital marketers in recently-released survey data. MediaPost


2020 December 11 Marketoonist Comic

A lighthearted look at “consumer privacy comeback” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Why Pantone Believes Gray and Yellow Will Be 2021’s Colors of the Year — Adweek


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