April 8, 2021
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growth marketing

There are so many different elements that go into creating a successful growth marketing strategy. Iron Roots understands this better than most. The company offers an array of services specifically to help clients grow through data-driven marketing campaigns.

But the team also has to manage their own growth marketing strategy. Luckily, Zoho Social provides tools that allow them to seamlessly curate and analyze content. And it even integrates with the rest of their business ecosystem, largely in the Zoho One operating system for business. Read about the company, the founder’s journey, and their own growth journey below.

What the Business Does

Offers growth marketing services.

Founder and CEO Saru Saadeh told Small Business Trends, “Growth and customer acquisition are our specialties.”

The Austin-based company offers a wide array of services under this umbrella. These include growth marketing strategy, data analytics, media buying, social media, and influencer buying.

Business Niche

Providing a one-stop-shop.

Saadeh says, “We handle everything in house. So we can build a strategy around your goals and then design, write, edit, deploy, and manage everything under one roof.”

How the Business Got Started

After a lifetime of entrepreneurial ventures.

Saadeh explains, “I grew up in a family of restaurant owners. But I was never a chef — I really gravitated toward the marketing side.”

Through the years, he tried many unique marketing strategies with the restaurant. He even worked on an early version of influencer marketing before the concept really took off.

Then in college, he used these skills to plan events on campus. He and some friends even booked a two-city tour with rapper Chamillionaire. So afterward, it was natural for him to venture into the marketing world.

growth marketing

Biggest Win

Getting to learn about the world by working with different business clients.

Saadeh says, “I love taking on challenges in new industries and applying well known success tactics and seeing how they work for different industries.”

Biggest Challenge

Scaling a service-based business.

Saadeh explains, “Selling a service requires expertise in a given field. And it can be tough to scale because there are so many moving parts. So you have to focus on finding incredible, talented people who work well together.”

Advice for Other Business Owners

Be willing to take risks.

Saadeh says, “Don’t be scared to let go of key components of your business. Don’t fear errors, mistakes, or failures. They’re a prerequisite to success and growth, especially for small business owners.”

Secret Weapon

Zoho Social.

Zoho Social is the social media component of the Zoho One suite. Iron Roots began using it a few years ago. At the time, it was one of a small list of options that allowed for posting directly to Instagram. And since they already used other Zoho tools, it was the obvious choice.

Saadeh says the team loves being able to schedule posts and automate parts of their social strategy. And the intuitive interface allows them to spend more time on things like strategy and actually growing the business.

He adds, “It has helped us by allowing us more time to focus on the broader picture instead of the day-to-day.”

Favorite Feature

The Zoho Social Chrome extension.

The platform’s Chrome extension makes it easy to quickly share and save content from various online sources. It’s also the perfect way for multiple team members to work together. Everyone can add things. And then they can go in and organize items into part of a larger strategy.

Saadeh adds, “Our team uses it to instantly syndicate content online and curate things. We really enjoy using it to build a content calendar. And there are even analytics built in.”

Zoho One Benefits

Native integrations.

In addition to Zoho Social, Iron Roots also uses Zoho Invoice and Books, among many other Zoho tools, to run the front and back end of the business. So the tools work together seamlessly without the need for tons of different accounts with various providers.

Saadeh says, “The primary value is that all of the products are integrated. So they speak to one another natively without having to set up different integrations. It’s a very low code environment. Even with the off-the-shelf settings, it’s right what we need. So we’ve been able to basically do things at scale.”

This article, “Grow Your Business with Iron Roots Marketing Strategies” was first published on Small Business Trends