September 29, 2020
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Career Over Health

The ongoing coronavirus crisis brought health care benefits at the center of employee benefits. But for millennials, career advancement opportunities are still the main driving force.

According to the latest survey from Life Extension, about one-third of millennials prioritize work over health.

Career Over Health: What Different Generations Do

What is most important in life – a job or health? Though this question seems to be the easiest question on the earth, not all can get their priorities right.

The survey finds that 33% of millennials will skimp on health to focus on their careers.

The following are the key findings of the Life Extension Survey:

  • 67% of millennials prioritize health over career
  • 81% of Generation X respondents prioritize health over the job
  • 92% of baby boomers consider health more important than career

As you can see, more young people tend to skimp on wellness to focus on career. Only 8% of baby boomers are more focused on their professional success than their health.

PC: Life Extension

The survey also highlighted the health goals across generations over the next five years.

For millennials, limiting sugar, sleeping 8 hours or more hours nightly, and eating sufficient fiber are the top health goals for the next five years, as found in the survey.

Key Takeaway

As a small business owner who wants to hire top talent, you cannot ignore what young workers prioritize.

The time when a significant percentage of millennials skimp on health to focus on work, you need to reexamine employee benefits.

In addition to offering the top class health benefits, you should also work on providing young employees with ample opportunities to grow professionally. Only then, you will be able to attract and retain bright, young workers.

About the Survey

Life Extension surveyed 1,003 Americans to understand their health habits. The survey included men, women, and nonbinary respondents. It covered:

  • Which generation has the healthiest habits
  • What’s the right age to prioritize health
  • Health goals over the next five years
  • Where do different generations get their health advice

Click here to know more about the survey.


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