March 31, 2021
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Do you know anyone that likes to shop online?

Even if you have a small retail business, pricing your products by hand is a labor-intensive task that takes up too much time. But you can overcome this inconvenience with pricing guns for your business so you can zip through the job.

However, with so many pricing guns in the market, which one is the best one. And is there a big difference between each brand, after all, they all basically do the same thing. True enough the job of the price gun is pretty much the same, but there is a huge difference in terms of quality and accessories.

The more recognized brands have better construction, customer support, and accessories such as labels. With that in mind, here are seven of the top price guns you can get right now.

Pricing Guns for Retail Businesses


Monarch 925082 Pricemarker


Top Pick: Monarch is one of the leading manufacturers of pricing guns. The company makes these tools across many different price points and functionality to address the needs of different industries.

The Monarch 925082 is a 2-line eight-character per-line pricing gun with a patented no-mess inking system. All you have to do is dial the characters you need to print, and your label is ready to go.

This unit prints maximum character height of 3mm for the top line and 5mm for the bottom line. It can hold larger label rolls so you can easily reload it for improved productivity.

The Monarch 925082 comes in at 3.25 x 9.5 x 12.37 inches and weighs only one pound.

Monarch 925082 Pricemarker, Model 1136, 2-Line, 8 Characters/Line, 5/8 x 7/8 Inches, Label Size, Black/Red

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Perco Pro 2 Line Price Gun


Runner Up: This two-line pricing gun prints 16 digits for unit and case pricing that is ideal for food, inventory marking, restaurants, retail as well as anywhere you need to label something. You can print month, date AM/PM time, and tracking codes. Combine the top and bottom line to print price, date, batch code, product code, or any identifiers for your products.

Perco sells its price guns with a Lifetime Warranty, but you have to register it in order to take advantage of this offer. The dimensions are 10.4 x 6.7 x 2.8 inches, and it weighs 1.2 pounds.

Perco Pro 1 Line Date Label Gun Kit, Includes 8 Digits Date Gun Labeler, 10,000 Plain White Labels, and Preloaded Inker

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MoTEX MX-5500NEW Single Line Price Labeler

MoTEX MX-5500NEW Single Line Price Labeler, Pricemarker, Pricing Gun - One Line

Best Value: The MoTEX pricing gun is an ergonomically designed device for easy operation during long hours of labeling items. You can print up to eight digits in one line on 12x22mm labels.

A one-touch open system lets you change the ink roller and label. And each squeeze of the trigger loads and prints the label clearly. Made in South Korea, the company provides a lifetime warranty after you scan the QR code and enter the 12-digit verification code. At only 10 ounces and 10.08 x 8.58 x 3.31 inches, it is light and comfortable.

MoTEX MX-5500NEW Single Line Price Labeler, Pricemarker, Pricing Gun – One Line, 8 Digits, Label Size 22X12 (Silver)

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Towa GS18 Price Marking Label Gun

Towa GS18 Price Marking Label Gun

Towa price guns are known for their quality construction and reliability. Made in Japan, they are considered the finest labelers in the market. An all-metal frame, adjustable print head, and serrated waste make the process of printing labels very efficient.

This Towa prints one line with eight digits, which makes it perfect for pricing, dating, and coding your products. It comes in three models: GS one-line, GL two-line, and GX three-line along with custom band set-ups. If you want a device that will last for years, this is it.

Towa GS18 Price Marking Label Gun

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Monarch 925072 Pricemarker


This Monarch prints one line with eight characters per line. And just like our Best Choice price gun, it comes with the company’s quality and reliability. It comes with all the features as the other one, including the patented inking system.

The only difference is it is slightly smaller. It still weighs the same, but it is 12.19 x 9.69 x 3.2 inches.

One of the advantages of a Monarch pricing gun is you can get labels, ink rollers, and other parts with relative ease. This convenience is very important for businesses of all sizes.

Monarch 925072 Pricemarker, Model 1131, 1 Line, 8 Characters/Line, 7/16 x 7/8 Inches, Label Size

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Garvey 22-66 Price and Date Marking Gun


The Garvey 22-66 is a 2-line pricing gun with six characters for retail inventory, food prep labels, record keeping, and even lab management. The design allows for easy drop-in label loading to reduce downtime and increases productivity. It is made with a reinforced ABS body with steel internal components to provide durability and longevity.

Garvey offers a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee on its price guns as well as a 5-year Limited Warranty. At 10.55 x 6.54 x 2.72 inches and 1.71 pounds it is not too heavy, and the ergonomic handle reduces fatigue while labeling.

Garvey 22-66 Price & Date Marking Gun Starter Kit: Includes 22-66 Label Gun, 4,000 White Pricing Labels and Inker

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Sato Price Gun


Sato pricing guns are known for their solid construction and their ability to withstand the demanding wear and tear in commercial and industrial environments. It prints labels in two lines with eight characters per line. With this capability, you can print a batch number on the top and a price or number on the bottom.

The Sato PB2-180 price gun is compatible with the Sato 180, LSA 1618, and Avery Dennison 216 labels. At 10 x 4 x 1 inch, it weighs 2 pounds.

Sato Price Gun: TSA180 (PB2-180) [2 Line / 8/8 Characters]

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Guide to Buying Your Next Pricing Gun

Pricing guns perform a limited number of functions, so it is not hard to find quality pieces at reasonable prices. If your budget can afford it, this is one item you should splurge on because the higher-end pricing guns can last forever.

But before you buy one consider the following points.

  • Pricing gun type: There are pricing guns that print one, two, or three lines with up to 12 characters in a single line in the marketplace. If you only want to display the price, a single-line price gun will do the job. If on the other hand, you want to show additional information such as a batch number or a manufacturing and expiration date, you need a two-line price gun. And a three-line device will let you add yet more information specific to your business.
  • Character requirement: Make sure to choose a pricing gun that has the character requirements for your business. This includes letters, numbers, symbols as well as any other characters your business might need.
  • Output quality: The print output is what differentiates a good pricing gun from a bad one. After all, you want your customers to clearly read the price and other information you print on your tags.
  • Volume: One of the reasons you want a high-quality pricing gun is to hand any volume of work. If your business is labeling a large volume of items, you will want a pricing gun that is reliable, fast, and easy to use.
  • Accessories: A pricing gun will require ink rollers and labels. Make sure the company you choose always has these supplies on hand. Similarly, you should also keep extra supplies of these accessories. Set a minimum for when to order more supplies so you will not get caught shorthanded.


Label Adhesive

A label adhesive might be the last thing you think of when you get a pricing gun, but here is why you should take another look. When you get your labels for your pricing gun you have three adhesive options.

The first one is a permanent adhesive. This type of adhesive will ensure the label stays on there so the customer can see the information for a long time. Items with expiration dates as well as preventing criminals from changing tags in your store are just a couple of examples.

The second one is a peelable adhesive that will not damage the product, even if it has been on there a long time. The only difference between the permanent adhesive is you can remove it easily, other than that they are the same. The label will stay stuck.

The third one is a freezer adhesive. And as the name implies it is for items that will eventually end up in the freezer. Once the temperature goes down beyond a set degree, the adhesive hardens and becomes permanent. If your business needs this type of adhesive, make sure to ask about the temperature limitations of the adhesive. There are adhesives for different use cases.

Custom Labels

Remember if you want to go beyond the regular white labels for your business, you can customize your labels. You can add everything from colors to your brand’s logo. But make sure it doesn’t interfere with the information you are putting on the label.

So, before you buy a pricing gun take into consideration the points mentioned above as well as what kind of information you will print on your labels and the environment you will be using your pricing gun.


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