May 14, 2021
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GoToWebinar, specialists in providing hassle-free webinar software to create live and pre-recorded events, has launched GoToWebinar Live Streaming.

The new feature is designed to help small businesses and organizers of webinars deliver their events more seamlessly on a multitude of platforms.

GoToWebinar Live Streaming

The new function enables users to live stream webinars on the most popular third-party social platforms. These platforms include Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live and the soon-to-be-coming YouTube Live.

Businesses can also host GoToWebinar Live Streaming on virtual event platforms like CVent, Intrado, Socio and others, directly through GoToWebinar.

With more and more businesses and teams working remotely, virtual events have witnessed an incredible surge in popularity since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Delivering Seamless Webinars

As small businesses and event organizers do their best to adapt to the new remote working world, having the right tools to deliver optimum webinars is within businesses’ interest.

Casmin Wisner, Public Relations Specialist for GoToWebinar, describes the importance of webinar delivery in today’s remotely connected world: “These days work happens anywhere with a decent internet connection. Whether it’s a home office, the actual office, or from some exotic location around the globe (remember traveling? I promise, it will be back!), you can truly work from anywhere with the right tools.

“The same “anywhere” mentality applies to consuming webinar content. You need to reach your audience where they are at. Which is why we are excited today to announce that you can now live stream your webinars on popular third-party social platforms,” writes Wisner.

Expanding Viewership

By delivering live webinars on social platforms that businesses are engaged with and have a following on, event organizers and anyone involved in presenting webinars, can expand the overall viewership of the event with GoToWebinar Live Streaming.

Users can choose one or multiple streaming sites to broadcast on, meaning a wider audience as possible can be reached on multiple social channels simultaneously.

The GoToWebinar dashboard enables user to start or stop individual streams, so users can maintain control of what they are presenting and who is viewing it.

GoToWebinar notifies users when the stream connects and has ‘Live’ status on third party platforms. This eliminates any potential embarrassment of presenters being unaware they are ‘live’.

GoToWebinar Live Streaming is available worldwide. It is accessible to GoToWebinar customers for no additional cost.

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