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How easy is it to market online?


When looking for an Etsy business, consider a product often sold at community events, but which is just as successful when selling from the Etsy site.

Essential Oils

The popularity of essential oils has led many entrepreneurs to start their own business selling these and related accessories. One search on a site like Etsy shows plenty of room for more aspiring shop owners to get started in this field.

If you want to start an essential oil business, research and spend time learning what other sellers are doing. You’ll need that research and learning to make products and brand voice. But a bit of inspiration can help you get started generating sales. Here are some essential oil businesses on Etsy to spark your own creative business ideas.

Essential Oil Businesses

Here are the best essential oil businesses to use as examples for your own.

Zelda Briglia, Zelda’s Aromatics


Zelda’s Aromatics offers starter kits full of pure essential oils, along with other items used aromatherapy. More specifically, the shop offers incense, body oils, and soaps in a wide array of scents to drive sales. All are proprietary blends created by the shop owner. And she even offers certain items on a wholesale basis. This can be a perfect way to market a bunch of smaller items like individual essential oil bottles to retailers for bulk sales.

Sage Ryza, Sophiespincher


This shop is more than just an essential oil company. Sophiespincher provides a wide array of “witchy” goods, including crystals, altars, and apothecary sets. Essential oils can be a popular part of this niche. So it makes sense for small kits to be included. This shop offers unique inspiration for those who would like to open an online store that caters to a specific audience, rather than focusing on a specific product to generate sales.

Arlin Zuniga, Chakra Sister


Not all essential oil companies sell oils separately. Chakra Sister sells an array of items that feature oils and various aromatherapy scents, without focusing on the oils themselves. This is another shop with a focus on new wave wellness. These include candles, shower melts, bath bombs, face steams, body scrubs, and sprays. All the items fit into a very clear style. This can provide a perfect example for anyone interested in getting started with a business that sells multiple items under one consistent brand.

Breeanna Wright, Honey Hive Five


This Etsy shop mainly features bags, pouches, and other handmade goods designed to store and carry essential oils. Honey Hive Five also sells a few roller bottles and wood shelves that people can use to create their own essential oil blends and display them about their home. With more and more people getting into aromatherapy, this type of shop could become increasingly popular even if people opt to get their actual oils from larger companies.

Dyamond Troxler, Skinsovation


Skinsovation is a shop full of self care items. The shop doesn’t exclusively sell essential oils. But there are plenty of items like lip glosses and bath soaks that feature them prominently. The shop even offers kits where buyers can pick their own essential oils to mix and match the scents they really want to purchase. Self care is a major selling point for customers right now. So this business demonstrates how powerful essential oils can be when applied to this angle.

Carolyn Horner, Moon Essentials Shop


Moon Essentials Shop is mainly full of healing crystals and jewelry. But the jewelry isn’t just about style. Many of the pieces feature diffuser beads that wearers can apply essential oils to and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits throughout the day. There are also small sample kits of oils available for those who want to purchase them along with a unique piece of jewelry. This product line demonstrates a unique new way to integrate oils into an Etsy shop. It can also provide an avenue for shop owners to break into the wellness space if their skills lie more in the realm of jewelry making.

Jennifer Heather, Mythic Mist

Mythic Mist offers essential oils in unique blends designed to uplift, calm, and otherwise improve the customer’s mood. Each one features a custom label with a name like “sleep blend” or “headache blend.” So they clearly describe what the person can achieve by using them. This type of packaging and branding can help sell the idea of these oils to potential new buyers. It’s not just about scents or aromatherapy. The products are designed to solve specific problems for people.

Geri Plockelman, Georgia Herbal

Georgia Herbal features a huge array of essential and fragrance oils sold in various bottles and forms. Individuals can purchase the oils in their original form. Or they can buy pre-made items like soaps and room sprays that integrate these aromatherapy scents. This type of business model gives buyers a choice for how they want to experience these products. Some may want to buy the pure oils to create their own blends or finished products. But others may prefer the ease of a spray or bar of soap to drive sales.

Carrie Todora, His & Hers Woodworking

Those who collect and use essential oils need a place to put all of those glass bottles. Instead of storing them in a drawer, His & Hers Woodworking offers attractive wooden shelves that are made specifically with essential oils in mind. It’s a perfect idea to generate income by mixing a skill like woodworking with a passion for essential oils or other wellness trends. The company also provides wood shelves to store and display items like mugs. But the majority are aimed at aromatherapy products.

Lindia Sangster, Sensual Scents by Lin

Sensual Scents by Lin provides fragrance oils and burners designed to fill up spaces with unique smells. These items are aimed more at adding fragrance to a room instead of the wellness attributes touted by some other essential oil sellers. However, there are plenty of potential buyers who are mainly interested in this benefit. And the shop even offers burners that can add some unique decor along with their powerful scents.

Connie Pierce, Him and Her Co. 

Him and Her Co. is a t-shirt shop rather than a traditional essential oils business. But many of the t-shirt designs are likely to appeal to those who are into oil. For example, one listing is for a shirt that says “oily babe.” And another says “there’s an oil for that.” This is a unique way for someone to target oil enthusiasts and generate income even if they don’t want to sell the actual oils themselves. Additionally, the company sells shirts with sayings that involve things like wine and true crime – interests that may overlap with the target audience.

Lyla Messenger, Sage Moon Soaps

Sage Moon Soaps is an essential oils business that offers healing soaps and other self care options that integrate essential oils. The shop is full of organic and aromatherapy products that put a heavy emphasis on wellness and healing. This type of business opportunity is relevant for those who want to generate income by marketing a brand or feeling to customers. Everything from product names to photos fit into a very specific brand image.

Megan Montgomery, Oil Design Co. 

Oil Design Co. features a wide array of essential oils and unique accessories. The oils and some accessories appear sourced from Young Living, a popular network marketing distributor. However, the shop owner adds a unique twist by offering items in unique packaging and adding extra ingredients or using them in custom blends. This may be an easy way for some shop owners to keep production costs down while driving sales. Source quality product while also providing a unique experience through design and branding.

Annie Doll, Essential Herb

This essential oil business features pure essential oils and custom blends. And Essential Herb isn’t just full of unique scents. Some of the items are made specifically for wellness purposes, like immune guard and breathe better. The shop owner is a master herbalist, naturopath, and aromatherapist. This can help the customer feel more comfortable about purchasing essential oils and viewing this woman as a wellness advocate who can share valuable information with them. Creating an essential oil business backed up by professional knowledge can help a shop really stand out. Just make sure not to make unfounded claims or share information that isn’t accurate just to generate sales.

Vyktoria Keating, Pie Town Soap Co. 

Pie Town Soap Co. is full of soaps, sprays, and other scented items that feature essential oils. They even offer starter kits of oils so people can find their ideal aromatherapy blends. The company stands out because of its custom labels and wide array of blends. This may be the perfect inspiration for those who want to start an essential oil business that allows them to experiment with various product formats to create sales.

Karen Bell, Radiant Empath

Radiant Empath is marketed as a shop for empaths. This term describes a person who is energetically sensitive, which may overlap significantly with those interested in essential oils. The business name does an amazing job of describing exactly who the shop is for. And there are tons of products featuring aromatherapy scents, crystals, and gemstones aimed at this specific target audience. For this type of company, everything from website to social media platforms should be tailored to this target market. With that successful marketing plan, a shop may be able to sell multiple products to each customer since there are a variety of relevant goods to drive sales.

Lauren Foliano, Mountain Drop Essentials

Mountain Drop Essentials is an essential oil business that mainly features aromatherapy products that can be applied topically. Each listing is designated for specific uses. For example, there are products for staying calm during labor, calming crying babies, and even just relaxing. This provides an example of a company that may source items from various distributors and making them stand out with marketing and packaging. Since you cannot simply resell products on Etsy, this model shows how it’s possible to purchase a starter kit or wholesale products and turn them into something unique.

Kim Biske, Kraftastic Krafting

Kraftastic Krafting provides decals and labels that are perfect for use on various essential oil blends. For example, there are labels for cleaner bottles and soaps sold by companies like Young Living. Since these companies have large followings of loyal buyers, these products could be a perfect way to bring in more money by creating low cost offerings. There are even decals designed to decorate essential oil diffusers. This shop may provide inspiration for companies that want to create unique designs to compliment aromatherapy and wellness items.

Sadie Perry, Perry Apothecary

Perry Apothecary is an Etsy page full of oil blends and wellness products made with organic ingredients. There are bath salts, bath bombs, and custom blends, along with accessories like roller bottles and dryer balls. Each one comes with a custom label that features minimalist branding. The website also specifies that they’re open to custom and wholesale orders. These provide more avenues for companies to bring in extra money. So it’s a perfect example of using Etsy as a launching pad for a more fully formed business. This doesn’t mean that every shop owner needs to market to retailers or others looking for custom products. But integrating extra revenue streams like classes, workshops, or groups may help Etsy businesses generate even more sales.

Essential Oils Business

Essential oil businesses provide excellent opportunities for Etsy sellers. However, it’s important to study the competition on the website before starting. We hope the essential oils business list above will hope you find a way to make your brand stand out.

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