March 18, 2021
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isabel guzman sba administrator

The US Senate has confirmed Isabel Guzman as the next Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator.

Guzman will play a key role in implementing the Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill as it pertains to small business funding programs.

Guzman says she’s committed to equity and has a deep knowledge of the needs of small businesses. She had served as director of California’s Office of the Small Business Advocate. She has overseen relief for small businesses in the US’s largest state throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isabel Guzman Confirmed as New SBA Administrator

Guzman is hailed as a strong small businesses champion. News of her appointment as the next leader of the SBA has been welcomed by some members of the business community in the United States.

The SBA has long supported America’s small businesses, connecting entrepreneurs with lenders to help them plan, start and grow their business. During the pandemic, the SBA has been a resource to help small businesses overcome the challenges created by a health crisis as big as the pandemic.

Experienced Leadership

Statements have been pouring in, welcoming the news that Isabel Guzman will lead the SBA.

In an announcement responding to the appointment, Nydia Velázquez, Chairwoman of the House Small Business Committee, said: “As the SBA helps guide small businesses towards recovery, the agency needs experienced leadership with a track record of helping entrepreneurs. That’s why I am pleased to see Ms. Guzman’s successful confirmation vote in the Senate. I look forward to working closely with Ms. Guzman as we strive to help America’s Main Street businesses recover from the pandemic and work towards long-term prosperity.

“More than ever, America’s 30 million-plus small businesses need SBA to operate effectively. I will continue to work to ensure that this Committee exercises its oversight responsibilities so that the agency is helping as many small business owners as possible,” Velázquez continued.

Rhett Buttle, senior advisor to Small Business for America’s Future and former national business advisor at Biden for President, shared his enthusiasm towards the appointment.

Today’s Senate confirmation of Isabel Guzman as administrator of the Small Business Administration is good news for America’s Main Street entrepreneurs. She will be a strong small business champion during the biggest small business crisis of our lifetime.”

Calls Made for Additional Small Business Support

As well as COVID recovery, Buttle is urging Guzman to champion other important small business issues. Such issues include continuing to simplify the forgiveness process for Paycheck Protection Program. Another is to introduce common-sense tax policies which put small businesses on a level playing field with large corporations.

Referring to the stakes having never been higher for the Small Business Administration, Luz Urrutia, CEO of Accion Opportunity Fund, a leading nonprofit small business lendersaid the appointment came as “great comfort.”

“Small businesses will be well served by this passionate advocate dedicated to helping them survive, rebuild, and thrive,” said Urrutia.

The US Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship Chair Ben Cardin says he is confident that Isabel Guzman is the best person to lead the agency out of the pandemic and through the economic recover to follow.


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